Run Your Home Finances Like a Business! 
An Organizational System and Financial Training to Help You Know Your Numbers!

Watch the video to see what you can expect to learn-AND WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS!

I am passionate about teaching others how to know their numbers. It is essential for making informed decisions. I have created an online course that can be self-paced with three video modules. Giving your a system to organize your finances and breaking it all down to make concepts simple.


Learn to Understand Your Numbers

Knowing your numbers is essential for financial growth, freedom and being able to do and give more.

Your Credit

Helping you to understand your credit score and what impacts it. How and when you should start building your credit and even ways to start repairing. Breaking down the basics so you can increase your score gives you more financial freedom and opportunities.


Helping you understand your numbers within your personal finances. Setting budgets, understanding liquidity, and assessing cash flow for a fluidity that creates the freedom that works for your life. Showing different methods to budget so you can pick a workflow and method that will work for you.

Advanced Home Accounting

How to run your home finances like a business, because there are many similarities. Using Quickbooks Online, showing you how to set up a personal chart of accounts, link accounts for automation, and quickly run reports to make more informed financial choices.

Free Bonus Content (Worth $49.99)


Getting Out Of Debt

Worksheet to get organized and video to show you how to use the download.
An online training course that includes videos breaking down concepts and showing you exactly how-to. It is a self-paced course that you will have 6 months to complete, that should take you about 3 hours to complete. 

Each module has a course workbook, worksheets and it is all on a community platform so you can do it in a community environment or alone.  Sharing with you financial terms and concepts and giving you a system to organize your finances and be better at budgeting. 

Course is valued at $750 - Launch price of $397 while seats last.
(Offer valid only during May 11th - 15th only.)


"Knowing my numbers" is something that has always seemed intimidating to me - especially when I was in a lot of debt. Kristy makes numbers so much less scary, and I've gone from feeling clueless to confident in one short weekend after taking this course. I'm ready to be a lot smarter and more strategic about saving for my future home and retirement. I WISH I KNEW THIS 10 YEARS AGO."
Megan Kober
Founder Of The Nutrition Addiction

Common FAQ

1. How will the information be delivered? 

It is mainly through video training. It walks you through the concepts and shows you ideas and exact how-tos so you can see it first hand! There is a course workbook of slides that helps you to follow along. It is on a community platform where all of the courses are broken down into organized lessons. 

2. Where is the course hosted?

The course is hosted on a private community website. It walks you through the modules allowing you to follow along easily and to mark them as completed. The added benefit is you will be on a private community platform if you want to interact with others. 

3. How long do I get access to the course? 

You get access to the community platform for 6 months. The workbooks and worksheets you can download and print and keep for life!

4. Who is this course for? 

If only I knew these concepts 10 years ago! This course is for anyone! A graduate, a couple who is looking to have a better system or organize their finances, anyone that is looking to learn financial concepts. 

5. How long will the course take me?

It is just under three hours of video content. It is something you can do in one sitting or break it up over a couple a days. Just don't delay so you can get action and change in place ASAP! 

Are you ready to take control of your money?

Your financial future is in your hands! Let's make you the Chief Financial Officer of your finances!


Kristy Gayton (formerly Dickerson) entrepreneur, mom of three boys, author of Start Balancing, Podcast Host, CEO of STARTplanner, STARTbrands, North Georgia Escape, among others has devoted her life to motivating individuals towards achieving success and happiness in their own lives! Kristy has been a sought-after keynote speaker due to her relatable story, no excuses tone, valuable advice, and upbeat personality that she interjects in all aspects of her brands. She is an expert on productivity, organization and finances who has been featured in business publications such as Forbes,, and , as well as speaking to private companies and universities such as Harvard. Her true passion is in inspiring and teaching others to create change, embrace the hard, and to be your best authentic self! Kristy holds a financial degree from Kennesaw State University, but she attests it is her vast business and life experience that is giving her her “degree’’ where growth was fortified. As a single Mom, it has been through knowing her numbers she has been able to make the moves she has. She looks forward to helping others have a system to organize their finances and plan forward with their own finances with data!
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